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Legislative Matters

The mission of the Oconee County Republican Men is to provide members with opportunities to learn about current legislative issues and encourage them to become actively involved in the political process. In that regard, key legislative matters likely to be debated and acted upon in the 2025 South Carolina Statehouse will be posted before that session begins. Please check this website in early 2025. Take the time to learn more about these matters and let your elected officials know your views.

Contact Information

  • Senator Thomas Alexander: (803) 212-6220 / (864) 638-2988

  • Representative William Sandifer: (803) 734-3015 / (864) 885-2240

  • Representative William Whitmire: (803) 734-3068 / (864) 638-4237

  • Congressman Jeff Duncan – sign up for the Newsletter

  • – contact your Legislators

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